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The High School Design Team HSDT is a group of architecture students enrolled in the Columbus Area Career Connection C4 who participate in the Exhibit Columbus Biennial. The group began in 2016 with a small group of students and has grown to a team of over 30 currently. Each biennial students follow design themes and criteria established by Exhibit Columbus curators to design and build a temporary exhibit.

The inaugural design "Strings" was designed and constructed for the 2017 exhibition. In 2019 students designed "Dencity." And in 2021, "Tunnel Vision" was the result of the students' work. Each project was the culmination of roughly twelve months of work designing and constructing their exhibition.

The HSDT webpage will serve as a resource for reviewing previous designs and to document our journey in the upcoming biennial "Public by Design."

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“Every one of us lives and moves all his life within the limitations, sight, and influence of architecture – at home, at school, at church and at work. The influence of architecture with which we are surrounded in our youth affects our lives, our standards, our tastes when we are grown, just as the influence of the parents and teachers with which we are surrounded in our youth affects us as adults.”

 ― J. Irwin Miller

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